Monday, February 24, 2014


Is this thing on?!  It’s almost been a year (hehemm…again) since I’ve been on here.  Total slacking going on over here, I know.  But I’ve pretty much lost interest in mommy blogging, along with many other young mothers when their baby numbers multiply. :)  

Lots has been happening…we’ve been adjusting and having fun with our second adorable kidlet, working on our little house, trying to get our butts back in shape, paying off debt, having visitors, staying busy with church callings and growing lots of delicious berries.  Well, J does that last one.  The rest of us just EAT lots of delicious berries.  And enjoy California. (I cannot say enough how much I love living closer to family and having an AWESOME climate).  We’re not globe trotting or anything at the moment…Mostly raising our darling babes (Now I really understand what two under two means) and creating memories.  Which is where this old thing comes in. 

I’ve been thinking back about how Babycakes’ infancy was documented and like most families, #2 has been seriously left out.  If nothing more comes from this blog but beautifully printed yearbooks to sit on our shelves, I would be completely happy.  This is my journal and this is our family’s story. 

So if you’re new, Welcome!  And if you’re old, Welcome Back!  And if it’s just me on this thing…We’re glad you’re here anyways!


The Hastings

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I’m starting where we’re at now, as catching up seems impossible…but I’ll work on past posts before printing our “family yearbook” and will backdate them, just so you know, grandmas and grandpas:).

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  1. I totally understand losing interest in "mommy blogging" but I'm always happy to get a little update and see more gorgeous pictures of your adorable kiddos. Glad things are going well!